Facts About Daisy…

  1. I am originally from Omaha, NE. (Yes, there are black people in Nebraska and no we do not all ride tractors and pick corn.)
  2. I am 23 years old.
  3. My birthday is March 22.
  4. I come from an extremely large family that extends from coast to coast.
  5. My favorite color is green.  All shades are lovely; however, my favorite hue is olive.
  6. I am engaged to my best friend. His names Reuben.
  7. I am a dog-mommy.  We have three girls: Sky, Sasha, & Coco.
  8. I am a senior in college majoring in social work.
  9. I am a foodie. I will try anything once.
  10. Im a naturalista as far as hair. This means my hair does not have any chemicals in it. But, I love my extensions and braids.
  11. I am super sensitive.  My emotions occasionally get the best of me.
  12. My ultimate goal is to become a Forbes lister.
  13. I am a very concealed person.
  14. I love criminal documentaries.
  15. I hate using Twitter, but I know I’ll have to develop a love-hate relationship with it while promoting my blog.
  16. I do my best writing when in the middle of the night.
  17. I also tend to make up my own words.
  18. I am trying to give up swearing, but sometimes it slips out…A LOT.
  19. I am currently working three different jobs to find my desired social work job.
  20. I enjoy cooking and baking.
  21. I can not sing or dance, but I attempt to do both frequently.
  22. I support #HBCUs and will soon be an alumni from one of the best.
  23. My blog’s hashtag is #DoseofDaisy.
  24. I love online shopping.
  25. I feed off of energies. I do my best to stay away from negative energies. Positive vibes only.
  26. I have never lost a friend that I wanted back.