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Word of the Week

So…. it has been a while since I did a word of the week.  I probably should call these post “Words of the Month.”  I know my consistency has been crappy.  I am working on it though.

The word I chose for this week is PRIDE.  Something that I have way too much of apparently. Pride can be described as pleasure or satisfaction is taken in something done by or belonging to oneself or believed to reflect credit upon oneself.  I have enough pride for the entire state of Texas.

Unfortunately, too much pride got me put in the shitty position that I am in now.  I am a server.  It’s always worked out for me with my chaotic school schedule.  Until about 90 days ago.  The money was slow and I was stressing about where my summer school tuition was going to come from.  I was trying to save while helping Reu when he needed it, but the tips I made were not getting the job done. I was unable to save, help Reu, and take care of my personal responsibilities.  But, I kept that to myself with hopes that everything would work out in my favor. I would struggle before asking anyone for anything that they could possibly throw in my face. So, I kept my burdens to myself. Until  my problems became bigger than me.

At this moment I could no longer have a sense of pride.  Why? I could not have a sense of pride because I needed help. So, I humbled myself a little and called my mom. It took everything out of me. I expected nothing but scolding and redirection. Yet, I received absolutely nothing.  She gave me empathy, concern, options and assistance.  She stood with me rather than against me.  I needed that. The only question she had was “Did Reuben know?” He did not. Which will be a story for tomorrows blog. I greatly appreciate her actions.

But, I have to remember there is a thing called bneing too prideful. Peace, love, and a Dose of Daisy.



I'm just an aspiring social worker & public figure that enjoys juggling the weight of my world on my shoulders. One day I will be on Forbes list.

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