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Carpe Diem.

It’s been awhile.

But, I could not wait to write any longer.  I felt that I had to post something because when you are out of sight you become out of mind.  So, now is the time to get back to the regular program.

Last month I applied for graduation.  The moment that my parents and grandparents probably thought would never arrive… Hell, for a brief moment I did not see it myself.  I was definitely lost, but now I am found.  So, now it is time to determine what will be next on my path.

As of this moment,  I just want to quit working cash out my imaginary millions and go travel the galaxy. But, unfortunately, that is just a dream for now.  My only two plans are to sprint across that stage August 12th and get accepted into graduate school.  Besides that I am taking everyday for what it is and enjoying the moment. Carpe diem. 

Seize the day.  That’s all I can do at this point. Meditation could not find me inner peace. So, my inner peace journey will continue. I just have to remain focused.


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Soul searching

I feel odd. I’m slowly finding my inner peace.  However, there is a void that I can’t fill. Is it mental, spiritual, physical, financial, or substantial? I absolutely have no clue. So, am searching different ways to consume it. I usually revert to blogging to fill my voids and release any pressure. But, writing is not filling this void at this moment.

I have so many different things I could write about, but I am not fulfilled at this moment. So, some much-needed soul searching is going to be completed. So, join me on this journey begins.