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Day 5: The 80/20 Rule

Hey, guys I know I skipped Day 4! But, saying thank you has always been a natural thing for me. So, I did not feel the need to deprive my already limited sleep to rant on being grateful.

However, today it begins to get a tad bit more challenging.  Today we start the 80/20 rule.  So, 80% of the time we will eat healthier and 20% of the time we can indulge in our guilty pleasures (like Red Velvet Cake).  The rules are not too drastic and are listed below.

1. Make wise food choices 80% of the time and make occasional allowances for “cheat” foods 20% of the time.
The 80% shows you are serious about doing something significant for yourself and your family. The 20% demonstrates that you are honest and humble enough to hang out with the rest of the world.

2. Stop eating when you are 80% full.
This helps your body digest more easily. Absorption and digestion are just as important as the types of food you eat. Have you ever heard that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full? Eating slow helps you to stop before your full!

I started off my morning with an avocado and two boiled eggs that I seasoned with cracked black pepper and sea salt. It was filling, but I would have rather had waffles drenched in syrup.  Resilience definitely cooked in full throttle this morning.   Praise to the highest for keeping me focused.  I washed it down with organic cranberry juice and chased my cranberry juice with 16 oz of water.   So I guess I am starting off strong.  Hopefully, I can make this a lifestyle change.

IF you need some guidance there is a ton of useful tips listed below. Good luck! Day 6 will be up within the next 24 hours. Peace, love, and a Dose of Daisy.

Be Choosy. Part of indulging wisely is figuring out what is really worth the indulgence and what splurging means to you. For instance, if you have a sweet tooth but you could take or leave french fries or potato chips, save your indulgences for dessert. When you’re confronted with unhealthy foods you don’t really crave or love, either skip those or substitute healthier foods so you have room for the indulgence you really want later.

Plan your 20% Indulgences Ahead. Every week, go over your schedule and pick the one day or specific moments when you want to allow yourself to enjoy the things you normally avoid. If you know you have a big event on Saturday night that might be the perfect occasion to indulge. Or if you know you have a birthday dinner with a friend on Wednesday, you might want to enjoy treats then. Regardless of the occasion or the timing, planning indulgences ahead of time gives you something to look forward to throughout the week so it’s easier to remain healthy the rest of the time.

Plan the other 80%. Plan your week’s meals and snacks so it’s easier to remain healthy 80% of the time. Make sure you shop for all the required ingredients and prepare to be successful in your planned meals. Think ahead, plan to succeed, and you’ll build a healthy habit of 80% nutritious meals.

Savor Your Splurges. When it’s time to indulge, ENJOY IT. Don’t let guilt get in the way or beat you up for having a treat. Be mindful, slow down, and savor every second.

Look at your plate before you eat. See if greens and vegetables take up 80% of the space. If not, subtract some starches or protein and add more vegetables!





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