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Day 2: Say No to Junk

Today ends the second part of my 30 day soul cleanse.  I was challenged to give up processed food and only shop on the perimeter of the grocery store. That’s where the best quality of food is located I discovered. 

I think today was a success minus my daily cupcake. I ate lots of fruit and veggies.  I slipped up and ate some crawfish for dinner, but I think that’s still pretty good since the animal itself is not processed.  I felt today was easier than yesterday. Eating clean has never really been a challenge for me, though.  

However, I suck at meditation. I have difficulties relaxing my mind and tend to get drowsy if I become too relaxed. But, I am still sticking it out. I take my meditation one minute at a time 3-5 times a day.  It helped me out a lot. 

Tomorrow will be day 3 on my cleansing journey. The challenge is to drink more water. Personally, that is easier said than done. Not because I am a big juice and soda drinker, but simply because I rarely get thirsty or think about drinking fluids. I have already set me a reminder to water my tonsils. But, here are a few useful tips to help along the way. Peace, love, and a Dose of Daisy. 

Tips for consuming more agua:

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. You’re groggy, your mouth is dry and you need a pick-me-up. Instead of going straight for the coffee (which is my modus operandi, don’t get me wrong), drink a nice refreshing glass of water first.

2. Carry a BPA free water bottle with you at all times and/or keep one at your desk at work. If you have a water bottle literally at your finger tips, you might find yourself unconsciously drinking more water throughout the day.

3. Track it. Make a chart and tick it off each time you drink a glass. Do a chart for 3 weeks and you will have made drinking water a part of your routine.

4. Substitute sparkling water for soda at lunch (or dinner or any time during the day). Kill two birds with one stone – eliminate that unhealthy soda from your diet and get more water into your system.

5. When the afternoon snack attack strikes, drink a glass of water instead. You might even find that the water quells your craving.

6. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. This is an inspirational practice for me. I find it pretty difficult to remember to do this on a regular basis. But when I do, I notice that I don’t chow down as much when I sit down to eat my meal.

7. Go one-for-one at happy hour. When you’re enjoying a cocktail or two at happy hour or dinner or poolside, try to drink at least one glass of water (or, even just half a glass) for every alcoholic drink you take down. (It’s a great way to prevent a hangover the next day too).

9. Make it a challenge. If you are reading this, you most likely love to take on a good challenge! So if you’re like me and love a little friendly competition, make a bet with yourself (or have a friend challenge you). Say “Self, I bet you can’t drink 4 glasses of water today” and see if you can beat it. You can start low and gradually increase your target.

10. After each trip to the restroom, guzzle an eight-ounce glass to replenish your system.

11. Put reminders into your phone or calendar to drink at regular intervals. Surprisingly, this helps me a LOT! I know it sounds lame, but I just plain FORGET to drink water!



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