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26 Things that drive me crazy… 

Today is my baby’s birthday. It was also a great day for us. It was filled with nothing but smiles, laughter, and amazingly weird food. So, today I decided to once again express my feelings about this young chap. It’s only right that if I share the negative tat I share the positive as well. So, let me begin.

1. I love his laugh. It’s over the top yet so soothing.

2. I like when he plays in my coils. His head rubs make my toes curl and my mind ease.

3. I enjoy cooking dinner with Mr. Reu.  Although, he does more micromanaging than assisting, he is always able to be found when onions need dicing and potatoes need peeling.

4. I hate when he comes in the bathroom while I’m on the toilet looking at social media. Yet, we have some pretty interesting convos after long work days at this awkward moment.

5. I love how he embraces my siblings. He bonds with my brothers as if they were his own, and even took my Poppa (the middle child) in as a protégés. They appreciate and so do I.

6. He sits on his phone under the covers with the volume on max while I watch my shows. Why? I have no idea, but it’s a new habit he recently developed.

7. He is willing to drive. I hate traffic and driving. But, he doesn’t mind it or make me.

8. I love our grocery store adventures. From making the list to walking down each aisle with me. I read labels and calculate while he attempts to fill up the cart with a bunch of snacks. 

9. I love the bond he shares with his siblings. The amount of love he has for them is limitless and priceless.

10. He is selfless. He has no problem going out of his way for others, even when people are not deserving. 

11. He bottles his emotions. He keeps his thoughts to his self and sometimes they eat him alive. But, he allows me in and allows me to share these feelings with him.

12. He is a neat freak. He loves to clean and vacuum at 8 in the morning on Saturday’s after I’ve worked all night. He also likes order which goes well with my disorganization.

13. He is super ticklish. I know I can find amusement with the simple squeeze of a love handle.

14. His smile is therapeutic. It can brighten up the worst moments and light up any room. Yet, he never smiles in pictures.

15. He is rude. The east coast in him is a partial factor.

16. He is blunt. This is another factor to his rudeness. However, there is no fog in our conversations because he gets straight to the punch.

17. He watches classic movies with me. No matter how many times I watch The Wood or Friday he is always right there with me enjoying the show. It feels just like a new release.

18. My mom loves him. Although, she is kind to everyone. She shows him unconditional love since he gives me the same. He gives her a sense of reassurance that her only daughter is well taken care of.

19. He wants to build. He wants to get married, make babies, and own businesses and property with ME. Damn, I’m lucky.

20. He is encouraging. He lifts my spirits when I am down. He corrects me when I’m wrong. He gives me pep talks when I slack. He is awesome.

21. He curses like a sailor. I curse like a sailor. It’s not attractive. But, he doesn’t judge me based off of my potty mouth. He knows I’m working on it.

22. We fight. Verbally never physically. It sucks. But, it is part of growing. Relationships are not meant to be perfect and we are far from it. Yet, we are perfect for each other.

23. We persevere. No fight has broken us. We always make our way over the humps on our road to eternity.

24. He smacks when he eats as a way of letting me know I did an amazing job.

25. He reminds me that I am he. He is me. Together we are one. He is my backbone. I’m his rib.

26. He loves me for me. There is nothing more that I can ask of him because that’s the most important thing. 
Reubie Reu drives me crazy.  Yet, I could not ask for anyone better than him. He is an interesting soul. Together we ignite sparks I never knew would exist. I love it. I love him. I’m happy to call him my baby. Happy birthday baby. Peace, love, and a dose of Daisy.



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