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I’m sensitive. I also take everything to heart. Oh well. Bite me! My fiancé has told me those things everyday since we started dating. Yet, he still does things to make me show my sensitive layer on a regular basis. Both positive and negative. 

Since I decided I want to move our emotional roller coaster has been all over the place. But, the overall standing point is unclear. It feels like we are good, but Reu makes little comments that make me second guess. Of course, if he’s upset I will accept that because he is entitled to his own feelings. However, it’s hard for me to find sympathy when thoughts of his words constantly linger. 

Although, this was the first time he directly insinuated I was using him. It’s not the first and I can guarantee it won’t be the last time that he will remind me of all the things that he is capable of doing and has done. That’s his thing. He enjoys doing things out the goodness of his heart because he is selfless. Yet, the moment he becomes upset he’s ready to tell the world that he’s the reason why.  It’s crazy and makes my skin itch. 

But, for some odd reason it is my fuel to move amongst many other things.



I'm just an aspiring social worker & public figure that enjoys juggling the weight of my world on my shoulders. One day I will be on Forbes list.

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