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Word of the Week

Too often we fail to take responsibility for our flaws and poor decisions.  Instead, we tend to find excuses and point the blame.  So this week’s word is accountability.  What is accountability?  Accountability is a noun. The definition is the quality or state of being accountable.  It is also an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

Accountability is something that I am always working to improve.  I love being involved in numerous activities. But, finding time for extra-curricular activities on top of school, work, dating and having a social life usually means something is not getting 100% effort put into it.

For example, this is my last year of undergraduate and I was considering pledging so I decided to get involved more on campus.  The activity I chose was being a manager for the Lady Panther’s Basketball Team.  It was cool and I really liked it because I really enjoy basketball.  But, it was so time-consuming even with four other managers.  We literally never had a free moment. We were always recording practice and games, organizing gear, restocking fridges, and cleaning up after the players.

It was a lot. Especially since it would have me on campus from sunrise to sunset.  Although, this did not bother me.  It took a toll on my relationship.  We only saw each other when I would try to silently maneuver around the house in the dark while trying not to wake Reuben up… which I sucked at by the way!

This led to petty arguments about me needing to learn how to be respectful of other people’s sleep that would blow up to word wars.  Each word cutting deeper than the last time. I thought Reuben was an inconsiderate asshole each time, but I was very oblivious to the underlying issue. I needed to hold myself accountable for placing my college activities before my relationship and home life. So, I did.

I cut back on the temporary extracurricular activities and focused on what I wanted forever… a happy relationship.  So, I cut back on hanging out on campus and late night events.  This allowed me to focus on my personal life and better my relationship. I can honestly say taking accountably and focuing on my priorities was one of my greatest decisions by far, and for that I am forever grateful.  So, when taking on task remember to not only prioritize but also hold yourself accountable.  Peace, love, and a dose of Daisy.



I'm just an aspiring social worker & public figure that enjoys juggling the weight of my world on my shoulders. One day I will be on Forbes list.

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