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Oh the Places We Can Go….

I always knew I wanted a destination wedding.  However, the destination was always unknown.  Did I want a beach or national landmark? Would the seasons play a factor… to hell if I knew! But, one thing I was certain about was the destination selected would be great.  We looked up East Coast locations, but dead the idea once we realized November on the East Coast is freezing cold.  Which led us (well me) to making a list of the things we want at our Winter wedding.  For instance, I want the ability to choose on being outside or inside at any given moment if the weather is not in my favor.  I also want a venue with culture, class, and a vintage feel that compliments my rustic themed ideas.  Yes, I know I want a lot; HOWEVER, all my wants are achievable according to Pinterest and my conscious.  Am I willing to compromise? YES, but only after everything else has failed will I do so.

As of today my top locations are: New Orleans, Denver, or Phoenix.  But, the good ol’ NOLA is in the lead by a land slide.  There is so many different venues to choose from and they all possess tons of culture.  However, a lot of them are extremely pricey. This leading to me adding more stipulations to narrow down our selections.  I started by cutting out all venues that are not all-inclusive unless they are under $4,000.  This eliminated about 20 venues which still left a ton to choose from.  Then, I broke them down by price range.  Although, I am giving my wedding a $25,000 I still want a low-cost venue. That way my budget can also include a nice honeymoon.  By, cutting my ceremony budget I thought I would never find a nice spot that can hold both a ceremony and a reception but I was wrong.  While browsing locations on The Knot I found a venue offering everything that I wanted.

The amazing value I discovered is located 15 minutes outside of New Orleans in a town called Metaire, Louisiana.  The venue has been around over 40 years and has been in The Knot’s Hall of Fame for the past 6 years.  But, that’s not even the best part! The best part of this is that it’s less than 60% of my budget and all I have to bring is my cake and dress.  Can we say “Woot woot!”  Now, of course I am still going to weigh all my options and not settle on a site unseen, but for now I can stress less about a venue and focus on other thing like picking my bridal party, dress, and making a guest list.  All of which are more challenging than picking a venue because just like when people announce their pregnant all the long lost associates come out the dark and feel like they earned their plus one invite to sit at the table.

But, that is a topic for another day in a different week which will DEFINITELY be covered. Thanks for reading. Peace, love, and a dose of Daisy.





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